O Voo Da Mosca (2016) El diablo suelto (2010) Abya Yala Violin Concerto (2023)

Ámbar offers you a musical journey through time and space. Starting from Spain Sixteenth century and its «folias», music which will imbue its fragrance with all the Caribbean, Ámbar  retraces in its concert program the prodigious path of the various musics of the old and new continent, which will cross, mix and blend for centuries to give birth to the current Hispanic-American music.

Ámbar’musicians  make us dream by evoking the alleys and old taverns of Andalusia with the «7 Canciones Populares» of Manuel de Falla, lead us in the dark and passionate world of  the old Buenos Aires night salons and its «tangos» by Carlos Gardel , transport us to beautiful Mexican mansions of the end of the 19th century to gently lull us to the sound of a»danza habanera», embodied in the melodious notes of «Estrellita» by Manuel María Ponce. They also reveal the secrets of serenades under the window of the beloved, listening with closed eyes to the Colombian «bambucos» or suddenly take us in the middle of the plains to admire the wild dances of Venezuelan «llaneros» transformed into music.

Their extensive repertoire plunges us into a perpetual praise of the time of the great virtuosos of the Spanish violin, with the «Zapateado» by Pablo de Sarasate, but also in an atmosphere of birds, percussions and dances coming from the Amazon rainforest to blend in with other dances and music that have come to rub shoulders with them since Europe in the 19th century, thus bringing to life the «choro» of Brazil.

Whether it’s the Viennese waltz transformed into a Colombian «pasillo» or the contemporary «milonga» of Astor Piazzolla, Ambar will never cease to make you dream by inviting you to a trip that will make you discover the surprising world of Hispano-American music